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Style: There are basically 6 different styles of carpet available, each with their own unique characteristics and performance capabilities:



Color: There are an abundance of colors to choose from.  All carpet appears lighter in color once it is installed than it appears in the sample you see in the showroom.  Lighter colors tend to open up a room, while darker colors  will bring the walls in, creating a more intimate space.  Neutral colors will fit most decorating schemes, and therefore are a very popular choice. They are also great if you change your rooms often, or if you are planning to re-sell your home.



Construction: The main thing you are looking for in a well constructed carpet is a yarn with a tight twist.  A firm, dense pile is also the sign of a well made carpet.  To check the density of the carpet, bend a corner of it back and see how much of the carpet's backing you can see.  The more backing you can see, the less dense and durable the carpet is.  Lower profile carpet tend to hold up better in high traffic areas because they resist matting and crushing.  As you go up in quality of construction of a carpet, you also receive additional warranty coverage and stain resistance.  These items help extend the life of your carpet.



Upgrading: Some of the benefits of upgrading your carpet include a larger selection of styles and colors available to you.  A higher level carpet will be better constructed and will look better longer.  Upgraded carpets afford you extended warranty coverage over basic carpet styles.



Care and Maintenance:  In order to help maintain the beauty of your new carpet flooring, use walk-off mats at all entrances to absorb soil and moisture. Use a quality pad under your carpet, especially on stairs.  This will give you better cushioning under foot, and can also add to the life of your carpet.  The most important step in caring for your new carpeting is vaccuuming often, especially in high traffic areas.  Prompt attention to spills is a must.  No carpet is "stain-proof", although many carpets today are stain resistant.  Always remember to blot liquid spills with a white towel or rag, never rub, as this may cause that area of carpet to become fuzzy. Use a professional cleaner when necessary.  

Care and Maintenance