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Natural Stone Disclosure

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The beauty of a natural stone floor is that no two are ever the same. Each has its own unique color, veining and natural characteristics such as hardness and porosity.

These giant pieces of stone are mined from the earth and transported to factories where they are cut into thin slabs. Each slab is unique, displaying the affects of the physical course of its history.

The slabs are then cut into individual tiles. Depending solely on Mother Nature, each tile might be completely different from the next. Veining and crystallization may be abundant in one yet non-existent in another. Color may vary from tile to tile, but that only adds to the elegance of a natural stone floor. Yours to enjoy for years to come.

Variations in natural stone are to be expected. The samples you see in the design center or the models can have completely different veining patterns or color variations and will not look exactly like the stone installed in your home. Irregular markings, lines, veins and crystallization are not cracks or imperfections but rather a natural part of the beauty of the stone. Also, please remember it is not possible for you to hand select your natural stone.

A good example of variation in stone is Travertine. Travertine tile uses a fill process that creates its unique look. In its original form, travertine has thousands of holes running through it, which are filled and polished after the stone is cut. The stone portion of the tile polishes to a high sheen while the filled areas remain dull. The back of the tiles are rough from the filling process. This is normal and does not affect the quality of the stone.

The grout between the pieces of stone may vary in color from the samples you see.

Please keep in mind that once your tile is installed it will be your responsibility to properly maintain caulking in heavy water-use areas to prevent damage.

Walk-off mats or area rugs on either side of exterior entrances will help collect loose dirt before reaching your stone floor. Make sure to keep these mats clean, as well.